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CAMWORK is a DOS program that downloads images from Agfa, Olympus and Epson digital cameras.

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Compatible with MS-DOS 3.3 (or higher), Windows 3.X and Windows 95

Requires 640k memory.  Runs on 8086 or higher computer

Supports 4 com ports and 4 download speeds (9,600-57,600 bps)

Small program size (~65k), requires no installation or setup and can run from a floppy disk

Downloads any combination (or all) images

Automatically names files as image01.jpg, image02.jpg, etc.  Existing files are not overwritten

Images are stored in a subdirectory with the current date if no directory is specified by user

Prompt to delete all images after download complete

Program monitors camera battery status and displays total images taken by camera

All features of the program can be accessed by command line switches.

For example, typing CAMWORK /pALL downloads all images and saves them as image01.jpg, image02.jpg, etc.

CamWork Help Screen

If no pictures have been specified on the command line, the user is prompted to specify any or all images to download.  Program checks camera's batteries before starting download session.

CamWork running in interactive mode

During downloads CamWork displays information about the progress of the download session.  If a destination directory for the images has not been specified on the command line, the program saves the images in a subdirectory given the current date.

This screen also displays the total number of pictures ever taken by the camera.

CamWork downloading images