Completely Overwhelmed - Where do I start.

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Completely Overwhelmed - Where do I start.

Post by antsplan » Mon Sep 22, 2008 11:52 am

Hi all, this post is to firstly introduce myself - I'm Anthony from Glasgow, Scotland.

Secondly to say what an amazing resource this and thanks for having me as a member.

But thirdly to say I'm completely overwhelmed by the amount of information available and really need a few pointers on where to begin.

Some background, I am an amateur shooter mostly interested in landscape photography. I shoot a Nikon D300 with various lenses and have recently just purchased a Manfrotto 303 SPH.

The technical side of Pano photography so far has been a steep learning curve for me but fairly confident I had found the nodal point/entrance pupil for my D300/50mm f1.8 lens (according to the instructions in the Manf manual), I stepped out and shot a few images a few nights ago. I think I'll need to refine this.

I'm bitterly disappointed with the results to be honest, I screwed up and allowed the camera to set shutter speed and WB, so I ended up with problem areas in my image.

I dont have any Pano software so d/l a trial of Panoramamaker which I think worked fairly well. I have also d/l a trial of PTGui and the auto function also seemed to work ok.

Before I go spending yet more cash I can't afford can someone give me an idea of the best software (easiest to use and best results - LOL) that I should look at.

For the first pano I shot 27 images (a little optimistic I know) and tried to stitch them via CS3, in the end I had to settle for the middle row of 9 images as CS3 creaked at the seems with even the 9.

And yet i see people are making HDR Panoramics ?!?!?!?

So are the guys who are shooting HDR Pano's really taking bracketed exposures or are you bumping a stop or two up and down in ACR when shooting raw ? I cant begin to imagine how my pc would handle a 27 image pano with 2 more sets of 27 images if I was to record an exposure 1 stop either side.

I see many people speak of PTAssembler and I had a go with this and need to go back to it but from memory it kept telling me I didnt have this add on or that plugin, etc - I'll revisit this one. Am I correct in saying this is free software ?

How do you guys get round the problem of different exposure values across a scene. The image I was shooting the other night ranged from approx 15 sec exposure up to 30 second exposure - what would you guys typically do in this situation ?

I have so many questions but I think that should probably be it for now.

ANY help/advice would be greatly appreciated.

Here is my very first Pano

Best Wishes



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Post by baflobill » Wed Sep 24, 2008 10:29 am


There are people much more experienced but since no one has replied until now, I felt compelled to do so.

I can understand you are overwhelmed. There is a lot of info and how to start...
My suggestions would be as follow:

1 Try and read up on the general principles of panorama photography. It is hot at the moment so there are a lot of magazines and sites with information on it. You can skip this if you think you already have that knowledge.

2 Download some trial versions of pano and try and stitsch your photo's. In taht way you find out with which software *you* feel comfortable. There is no 'best' software, only software which works best for you.

3 Go out en shoot some panorama's. Start small. Just a single row with a FOV of 180 degrees, for example.

4 When you encouter a problem, you can post it here (or on other forums) and learn from that. Also the search option here will provide you with a lot of information

5 Repeeat steps 3 and 4 until you are a pro!

I know this does not answer your question directly but I hope it is a start. I felt it was easier to learn when solving concrete problems works better.


You first pano looks fine!

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Post by antsplan » Sun Sep 28, 2008 10:42 am

Hans, thank you for the reply, its very much appreciated.

I'll certainly follow your steps and see how I get on.

Very best wishes


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