Object photography with high-resolution zoom capability

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Object photography with high-resolution zoom capability

Post by rgoswell » Fri Sep 26, 2008 1:49 pm

I understood that this part of the digital world is not particularly well-developed. I need to acquire a method to be able to zoom (enlarge) a high-resolution living room furniture grouping for example. The purpose would be to illustrate furniture detail in an ecatalog environment. I need to be able to zoom in on the coffee table leg to show carving details for example. One colleague suggested that there might be a technology which would allow you to zoom through the first photo of the entire room into a second layer of stitched together pictures of the same image but these images would be taken with a longer lens. This would allow a switch between the first overall image and the second layer of images as the first layer became unusable.

This would require a complicated piece of software that would allow an almost invisible transition between the two images. Is it true that Google Earth uses this type of technique?

So basically I need to zoom on a flat single image. Both the 35mm and 2 1/4 square digital formats allow a reasonable amount of image enlargement but still not enough for the purpose I need.

Does anybody have any knowledge of any such software or experimentation?
Ron Goswell

Mark Prins
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Post by Mark Prins » Sat Oct 18, 2008 3:06 pm

Zoomify is one flash method, Microsoft has another project and have released code, I have never used it and Google has another method. I have used Zoomify with reasonable results on a few sites.

Mark Prins

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Post by Castillonis » Wed Sep 23, 2009 4:18 am

1. krpano is a multi resolution flash viewer with the utility kmakemultires.exe which takes larger images and constructs an image pyramid similar to how the zoomify plugin does in Photoshop CS3 and later. Viewer is programmable via XML or development of flash plugins.

Examples here

2. If you want to create an object VR where you rotate around the object, you can use Thomas Raucher's object2VR

3. You could do extreme focus stacking with a linear imager robot.
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