Requires HUGIN Server Process expert

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Requires HUGIN Server Process expert

Post by lada » Thu Oct 29, 2015 4:07 am

We are looking for the HUGIN Server Process expert.
Previously we liked results of HUGIN web service API work, but after changing the device that takes pictures for panoramas, panoramas stitch became very bad.
We put in these settings:
Lens type: full frame fisheye
Focal length: 15 mm
Another data are default

Now the device consist of 4 camera module located as close to each other as possible. When photographer press a button all 4 cameras take a picture. After that, photographer turns the device 120 degrees and pushes a button (+ 4 pictures), rotates 120 and presses again (+ 4 pictures). Thus we have 12 pictures to stitch the panorama.
Although cameras are positioned as close as possible, there are problems with parallax. Because of this, problems with detecting control points exist. However, other software (Autopano) gives good results.
Unfortunately, we cann't change device assembly now, although we are working in this direction to make parallax less :)

We are looking for someone who can help us adjust HUGIN api to get results not worse than we are now receiving from the Autopano.
I attached a link to 5 folders with source pictures for the panoramas and the results we got when had stitched them with the Autopano. ... WpNWEt1LTg
(photos will appear in folders in 15-20 seconds after openning)

Please try to make panoramas, and if you find the parameters that can be set in HUGIN Server Process for good automatically stitching, contact me by e-mail (, we will be happy to cooperate with you. Please write in a letter to the desired reward, what time you'll need and attach the results of stitching that you will got.

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Re: Requires HUGIN Server Process expert

Post by johnh » Thu Oct 29, 2015 4:49 am

I would have referred you to the Hugin forum, but I see that you have already cross-posted there.


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