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TawbaWare is home to software, photographs, and writings by Max Lyons.


Most of the software here is designed for digital camera users, compatible with most current digital camera models. Here are the programs on this site:
  • PTAssembler. Advanced image stitching/high-resolution mosaic creation program (My pictures created with PTAssembler). Updated July 2017
  • TuFuse. Command line image fusion freeware for Exposure Blending, Focus Blending, and more. Updated Aug 2012
  • TuFuse Pro. Graphical image fusion software, for Exposure Blending, Focus Blending. A professional, graphical version of TuFuse.
  • Star Tracer. Star trail image creator. Improves, enhances and extends star-trail images. Updated Feb 2014
  • Image Stacker. Create synthesized long-exposures by combining multiple images (great for star-trails and night photography).
  • PixelZap. A program to remove "hot-pixels" from digital camera images.
  • Thumber. A thumbnail extraction, image information, manipulation, web page creation "all-in-one" utility.
  • ColorFix. Convert JPEG or TIFF images from one color space to another (particularly useful for Minolta Dimage 5 & 7 images).
  • DigiSS. An interactive slide-show screen saver designed specifically for digital camera images.
  • EXIFRead. A utility to view and extract EXIF information from digital camera pictures.
  • NeatBatch. A "batch-processing" assistant for ABSoft's very popular image noise reduction software.
  • Framer. A program to view multi-frame JPG files as "mini-movies."
  • CamWork. A DOS utility to extract images from many popular digital cameras.
  • HTMLR. A companion program for Thumber that creates HTML directory listings
  • CRead. A very small, very fast command-line utility to extract and search for comments in JPG files.
  • PTAPicker. Command line control point detection program for PTAssembler. Added May 2013

You can purchase a registration code for shareware programs using the Tawbaware Store.

Here are a few other bits and pieces (all freeware) that are not camera related:

  • FileLister. Creates a text file listing of files located in multiple directories.
  • MinUpTime. A "mini" on-screen display of system "up-time."
  • Word Count. A tiny, command-line utility that counts characters, words and lines in files.
  • HideWin. A tiny, windows app to hide windows (e.g. popup adds, message banners) from the screen.
  • FileMonitor. A windows app to monitor file size and modification date of several files in real-time.

Panoramic and High Resolution Photography

  • My frequently updated "high resolution" image gallery, (latest updates here). RSS Feed Here. (2000-current)
  • My first "Gigapixel" Image -- 1 billion pixels in one image (November 2003)
  • My second "Gigapixel" Image (July 2004)
  • My less frequently updated "super high resolution" (1 gigapixel and higher) panoramic and high resolution gallery (2003-current)

  • Equipment Tests

    Buying a SLR camera is the easy part. Choosing lenses and other accessories is the hard part. Here are some lens and equipment tests that I've done as part of my never-ending quest to find the perfect gear!

    Panoramic Tripod Heads

    Photography and Technology

    Below are some links to some other miscellaneous items. Most of these are short pieces I've written about digital photography, software or some combination of the two:

    Discussion and Links

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